5 Key Facts on Gyanvapi Mosque Case Deceision in Varanasi Today

District judge AK Vishvesha is likely to decide whether the case by the women

that led to a survey inside the Gyanvapi mosque -- will continue to be heard or should be cancelled

In May, the Supreme Court assigned the case to the Varanasi district judge's court

shifting it from a lower court where it was being heard till then

The Supreme Court had ordered: "Keeping the complexity and sensitivity of the matter in view, the civil suit before

the civil judge in Varanasi shall be heard before a senior and experienced judicial officer of the UP judicial service

A month before the Supreme Court's intervention in the case, the Varanasi civil court had ordered the filming of the Gyanvapi mosque

based on the petition by the Hindu women who claim there are idols of Hindu Gods and goddesses in the Gyanvapi mosque complex

A report of the filming at the mosque was then submitted to the Varanasi court in a sealed cover