Ali Asgar Breaks his Silence on Leaving Kapil Sharma Show

We all miss Ali Asgar aka Dadi entertaining us on the Kapil Sharma show

It has been 5 years since the comedian parted his ways from the show

The internet was stormed by hundreds of questions asking about why Ali left the show

Fans were curious to see him back in the show and wanted to know if he would reunite with the Kapil or not

In a recent interview with News 18, our favorite Dadi got candid about the reasons and his future plans

The actor has now finally spilled the beans and said

 “You never know honestly. You can’t predict. Maine kabhi socha nahi tha ke main nahi kar raha rahunga

Toh abhi bhi main nahi bol sakta ke main karunga ya nahi

(I never thought I wouldn’t be a part of the show anymore so I can’t tell if I would reunite with him as well)