Bhediya Trailer: Is Varun Dhawan starrer like the many Hollywood werewolf stories?

Bollywood film Bhediya is the first of its kind werewolf horror movie in Indian cinema

Earlier, Bollywood had seen a man transform into a tiger in a movie called, Junoon,

which was innovative and gutsy for its time, but pretty tackily executed to say the least

Now producer Dinesh Vijan and Director Amar Kaushik bring us the Bollywood movie

Bhediya, starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, which promises to usher  horror genre in the Indian film industry

Now, Hollywood news media has seen a steady flow of werewolf movies rights from the 40s to today's times

and but of course, if Hollywood has done something, then both the Indian audience

and sadly the Indian entertainment news media is wont to jump to conclusion that and Indian filmmaker

attempting something different is probably taking his ideas from American cinema