Ranbir Kapoor pushes Alia Bhatt's hand away as she tries to fix his hair

Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna and Ayan Mukerji were spotted outside Dharma office on Wednesday

Later, Ranbir Kapoor joined in, While exiting the Dharma office

Alia and Ranbir posed for photos. In a video that is now going viral

Alia is seen trying to fix Ranbir's hair

while the latter softly pushes her hand away

A video of the duo is going viral where Alia is seen 

trying to fix Ranbir's hair and the latter pushes her hand away

Netizens are Reacting on this Video, some positively and some negatively

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt posed for photos outside Dharma office on September 14