Shweta Bachchan Reveals She Worked As Teacher For ₹ 3,000 

In His Daughter's Podcast Show What the Hell Navya Shweta Bachchan

who is now an established columnist, author and entrepreneur, also revealed 

an interesting story from her initial days in Delhi after marriage

She spoke about the time when she shifted to the national capital post-marriage

to Nikhil Nanda and how difficult it was to managing own expenses being

an assistant teacher at a kindergarten, where she earned around ₹ 3,000 a month

the 48-year-old blamed her mother Jaya Bachchan for not "educating" her about finances from a young age

She revealed that she used to borrow money from her brother Abhishek Bachchan

during her college and school days. She admitted that her relationship with money has been "really bad"