Why Arrest Virat Kohli is Trending on Twitter? Know Here

Virat Kohli is One of very Famous Indian International Cricketer

Currently there is a Trend Running on Twitter which is # Arrest Virat Kohli

I will Tell You why this Hashtag is Trending on Twitter Let's Know

In Tamilnadu, Actually a 21 Years Old Boy named as Dharmaraj also a 

Virat Kohli and RCB Die Heart Fan Murdered

the Boy named as Vignesh who is a Die heart Fan of Rohit Sharma and MI

They were Actually had a Argument regarding who is best Virat or Rohit

Out of Anger and Proving himself Virat Kohli fan Murdered Rohit Sharma's Fan

But it's so Much Ridiculous and there is no Virat Kohli's Fault