Why There is a Demand to arrest Singer Jubin Nautiyal?😱😠

Singer Jubin Nautiyal is on Twitter Trend but not for a Good reason

Actually there is a Trend on No.1 on Twitter to Arrest Jubin Nautiyal

He is got trolled by the troll army because of his next concert on Twitter

A poster of Jubin Nautiyal's next concert is going viral on Twitter

In this poster, the ruckus continues regarding the name of the organizer. Actually many users shared this poster

 It is written in this post that his favorite singer is coming to Houston. All of them are eagerly waiting for this show. Great job Jai Singh

According to media reports, Jai Singh is a wanted Mustanda, which the police have been searching for 30 years

While he has many serious allegations including supporting Khalistan with drug smuggling, social media users have alleged that Jai Singh is associated with the terrorist group ISI

 many users alleged that Jubin Nautiyal performs the concert of traitors